An Interview with Stephen Choate: Part 3 – Future Predictions

“An Interview with Stephen Choate: Part 1”

As a modern American prophet known as The Forerunner, Stephen Choate shares predictions about future events on his Internet ministry site, Choate’s messages come directly from God and he shares the knowledge gained through his prophetic ministry with anyone wishing to have a reading. Along with predictions for individuals, Stephen Choate has also recently shared several prophecies about the future. Stephen Choate agreed to an interview to share some of his insights.

Question: What do you see happening in the American political system?

Stephen Choate: In mid-December of 2010, I see a great sadness coming across America. At the same time, I also see a transfer of power in the country that many will find shocking. In spite of this tragedy, God wants America to know that He will never neglect them no matter what is happening in the nation or the political system.

Question: The economy is at the forefront of many American minds recently. What do you foresee as coming to pass with the American economic situation?

Stephen Choate: A change is on its way to the American monetary system, and it is going to permanently affect the way that the United States approaches its economy. This will lead to the establishment of a new American currency. As a sign of this approaching, you will begin to notice a surge in the price of precious metals, such as silver and gold. I don’t see there being any way to avoid this. We are at the end of our current economic model in the United States. In American real estate markets, you will begin to see some rebound in certain areas of the country, such as the Northwest and the Midwest; however, in other areas, things will continue to get worse. Most likely, this pattern will last until about 2018.

Question: What do you see occurring on the world political stage?

Stephen Choate: The 20th Century was really the height of power, economics, and culture for America. Things are going to change, and eventually our current way of life in this country will seem very odd to future generations. Throughout the first half of this century, China will continue to rise as a political and economic power. Eastern nations will form an alliance that will diminish America’s power throughout the world.

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